About Gurpreetji

Born and raised in Punjab, India, Gurpreetji brought her inborn simplicity and innocence to her marriage, and she and her husband moved to Canada. Here, she fulfilled the demanding role of wife and mother of two sons. Gurpreetji's search for more in life began, when she was deeply shaken by the sudden death of a dear cousin. Her first opening, was the recognition that she needed to surrender, and she started following this new inner guidance wholeheartedly. Her longing to know Truth deepened, when at the age of thirty six, her husband also died suddenly. Gurpreetji stood unshakeable, steadfast and resolute to walk her inner journey. Soon, she realized she needed a teacher, and sought out a Master who guided her to the True way of Being. Step by step, layer by layer, she continued going deeper. Diminishing within all forms, she established herself in profound inner purity, knowing, selflessness and simplicity of heart. In 2007 she was blessed with ultimate grace. This transformational realization led her to become an embodiment of Truth.

Shortly after Gurpreetji's awakening the word spread. People came to her for answers and the Teaching began. As a True Enlightened Master, Gurpreetji takes us to the depths of Beingness. She knowingly guides us to see our deeply hidden ideas, beliefs, patterns, wants, needs and desires. With loving kindness, she shows us the ignorance of our creations, and empowers us to take responsibility for the way we are creating our own suffering. She teaches that as awareness we are first, and mind is second. With this embodied awareness our inner qualities become known.

Gurpreetji's pure, simple, radiant presence brings love and light into our hearts. We learn to walk this inner journey with her incomparable compassion, patience and unwavering support. With our willingness, she walks along, teaching and guiding us to trust the unknown, to let go of all perceptions and to drop into the subtlety of our hearts. She selflessly sits, the mirror of Being-ness, reflecting back to us the Truth; we are so much more than the limitations of our mind and its creations.

Gurpreetji is tirelessly dedicated and committed to those that choose to be in this learning. Through Gurpreetji, Divine Grace has opened a new path to bring the True Reality to this world.

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All the distrust comes from the mind the heart doesn't know distrust.