All satsangs during Gurpreetji retreats are audio and video recorded for educational and promotional purposes.  All rights of reproduction of any kind are reserved by 1725442 Alberta, Inc. (Gurpreetji).

Audio recordings are used by regular participants to enhance learning and are privately available with authorized permission, to those that have attended and received a connection with Gurpreetji within the past year.

Select audio and video recordings and or written transcripts may be published in print, or on the Gurpreetji website, by Gurpreetji representatives for promotional purposes.

All recordings and written transcripts on the Gurpreetji website are posted anonymously, names are not used and attendees are not seen in the videos.  Attendance and participation in the satsangs/retreats implies agreement with these conditions.

Please indicate that you have read and agree to these conditions by clicking on the 'terms of agreement' check box. 

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