Right here in Vernon, in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, A vast door to Home is made available by That who begins to sow the seed of Truth in every human being. Carrying the wondrous torch of love and light, this awakened master, Gurpreetji, has been holding satsangs on most weekends plus longer retreats as well. 

Seekers who come to these satsangs receive guidance and motivation to live from their hearts. Hearts open while listening to Gurpreetji’s talks that come from her deepest core where Truth resides. When Gurpeetji guides and connects individually with a student through dialogue, while seemingly on the surface, it is, in actuality, at a much deeper level of inner beingness.  During these connections, each student receives very personal guidance to move from their current level of awareness to the next. All students present in satsang greatly benefit as the whole group moves as unified consciousness in the oneness of Gurpreetji’s presence. Every heart is touched by this pure presence and is being moved towards purity within.

Although the mind does not understand, a natural yes in the core is strongly felt as Gurpreetji moves everyone beyond the doings of the mind in a very natural and organic way without involving any intellect. As the mind is being purified, the conflicts and struggles drop.  The flow of consciousness within changes its direction from unreality towards reality, from form towards formlessness, from incomplete towards completion, from restlessness towards restfulness.

Gurpreetji provides the opportunity and possibility for each one of her students to return Home to the stillness and silence within.  Her tender, loving softness and unlimited patience keep melting the walls of her students, dropping them into the unknown. It is here where Gurpreetji supports her students to recognize more and more clarity, continually enhancing their own heart's knowing.

KIran Mitra



‘The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why’ (Mark Twain). I celebrate the former every year, but every day, I yearn to find out why. After all, how can I honestly celebrate my existence or be grateful of life when I know not why I exist? It is for this reason I embarked on a spiritual journey, for the outcome of finding out why, they say, is like a second birthday; a spiritual birthday.

During my journey, the search to finding out my existence boiled down to one question: who am I? Or alternatively phrased: what am I? Indeed, everything mundane and sacred, from the pursuit of happiness, the hope for personal and world peace, the aspiration for success, and the desire for carnal pleasure, are either about the perseverance of the physical self, the creation and maintenance of the pseudo-self or the discovery of our true-self. For me, the search for ‘who am I?’—the search for my raison d’être, did not come during moments of happiness. The gut-level satisfaction and ok-ness that accompany moments of joy, happiness or bliss—moments in which our hearts are truly open—tend to quench questions of or about the self.

It was thus amidst a chronic state of existential crisis and deep confusion and dissatisfaction that I started to question my life. What followed was an intensive spiritual journey through the paths of meditation, prayer, mantra, contemplation, shaktipat-diksha, shamanism, reiki initiations, and the use of professional astrology services. By the time the Meeting had happened, I had become an accomplished spiritual-astronaut of the inner landscape of consciousness. Time after time, I experienced peaks of incomprehensible bliss-ecstasy, states of invincibility as I dropped out of temporal and spatial locality, and moments of non-existence in which ‘life’ and ‘death’ lost their meaning all together. Yet, like the proverbial donkey following a carrot on a stick that it never attains, I was nowhere close to a stable sense of inner peace and happiness. On the contrary, I was in the deepest mire of my life. For three years, I dreaded sleep for the extreme and vivid nightmares it brought. My nights were terribly short. I was in an intense psycho-energetic pain, burnt-out and in mild-depression.

I entertained thoughts of punturing myself in the heart and took comfort in the idea that one day death would relieve me of this madness. As far as I was concerned, I existed delicately on a thin line between insanity and functionality. These were my dark nights of the soul.

My heart, however, never stopped yearning. Constantly it prayed to experientially discover the reason of my existence; a reason that at the time I conceptually understood as enlightenment, self-realization, self-actualization, or spiritual rebirth. It became clear that I had come as far as I could by myself and that assistance was now needed.

On the night of July 20, 2012, I had an unexpected and consequential ‘dream.’ I put dream in quotation marks for the dream felt like an actual event as opposed to mere mental-emotional processing or wish fulfillment. The detail of this dream was shared with my then meditation instructor, whom I will call Daryl. I was in a restaurant with a male friend in which Daryl was the chef. After time passed without being served, I checked on Daryl in the kitchen to see what was taking so long. He had made for me a marvelous see-through jelly cake with an edible golden marionette in its middle. Upon consuming this cake at my table, to my wonder, a portal to another dimension opened in which I traveled through.

Confused, I arrived at a train station and walked towards what I interpreted to be a Caucasian lover who had been waiting for me for a tremendously long time. Upon seeing me she quickly stood up, strode towards me and gave me a deep and meaningful embrace. I was startled. ‘Who is this person? Where am I? Do I know her?’ All I knew is that she knew me; that she knew me better than I know myself and that she had been waiting for me for eternity. She looked Eastern European, about my height or tad bit shorter, with short brown-reddish hair. The dream felt so real that when I awoke in a half-asleep, half-awake state, I turned my head towards my bedroom door as if a presence was nearby, and with reverence I said, 'Thank You Daryl. Thank You', and continued my sleep.

On October 6, a set of synchronistic events led me to meet a person who within a minute of conversing told me that her Master of Love and Wisdom was holding a retreat the following Saturday in Toronto. She described her experiences with this Master then boldly said, “She will be your last Teacher.” My body reacted oddly. My eyes watered, my heart thumped faster, my hands perspired, my stomach churned, and I became very soft and sentimental. I took these corporeal and visceral reactions as indications to meet this Master; that there was something there for me. “After all,” I told myself, “what is there to lose, what is there to fear? If it is hocus-pocus, I will simply depart.”

In the seven days that followed, I watched interviews of this alleged Master on her website and read her biography. I was not amazed or impressed by her. She had no fancy words or catchy sayings, no dynamism, and had no super-hero plot to her personal stories. In short, there was no wow-factor to her style. I did appreciate, however, that her words were simple. She did not use worn-out spiritual jargons and gobbledygook. This was a relief for me, having grown skeptical of the spiritual market over the years. I was drawn to her solid stillness and her eyes; the all-seeing and unwavering eyes of the god-intoxicated yogis I have read about. Her voice was soft, her movements were slow; it all seemed genuine.

The day I had anticipated came. Gurpreet coolly walked in the room. She did not have to say a single word. All it took was looking into her eyes, and immediately my guards melted, my heart smiled, my mind relaxed, and like a child, I started to giggle within. Gurpreet speaks and comes from her heart, the humblest space of our being, rather than her mind-emotion-or-energy body, which are the spaces of charismatic leaders. It was at the precise moment of exchanging looks that I knew I had met my first and, indeed, my last teacher; first in a dream, and now on land. My initial plan to come for the first two days quickly changed. I was now staying for the ten-day retreat.

Much has unfolded since my first one-on-one and subsequent connections with Gurpreet. My nights are by and large pleasant and undisturbed, my depression is old news, and I am more calm and casual about life. What started as a spiritual journey, with Gurpreet, is now a journey of Awakening. This is the reason I was born: to Awaken.

Ismaël Traoré, PhD



As far as I can remember, I was always looking for something higher in my life. It took me through failed attempts at religion, a decade of esoteric practices, countless self- betterment workshops, a course in healing, channelings, contact with angels, past life regressions; you name it. There was little I left out. After the initial high I was always dissatisfied till the next thing came around. It was a never-ending treadmill. There was always something more I had to reach.

Twenty years ago I attended my first Satsang in Germany where I lived, and was blown away. I knew it was the answer to what I had been looking for. From then on this was the only thing I wanted. My demanding life as a single mother with two young kids took its course though, one retreat a year was all I could fit in to my busy and financially tight reality. I met several teachers along the way, two of which helped me see the intricacies of the created self.

In 2011, my kids grown up and independent, I met Gurpreet in Canada. I was immediately struck by her humility and simplicity. I liked the fact that everyone got a turn with her, and she decided when the connection was over. I could relax, I didn’t have to worry about being polite and letting the next person have their turn. She cares for every individual and guides us untiringly on this path. Gurpreet knew exactly where I was at, and in time she let me know that losing my created self would cost me all my comfort. Every single bit.

Gurpreet is a self-realized teacher, although on occasion she has stated that she doesn’t see herself as a teacher. She says she just IS with us. Her energy is very fine and subtle. She’s not out to impress anyone; her teachings are very simple and direct. Never before was I able to go so deep so quickly. At times, when I’ve felt like the slowest student on the planet and a failure, she welcomed me saying it was a wonderful place to be. She says it’s not about being a good student, it’s about going backwards and uncovering all the buried and dead parts of the person, so they can come back to life. Otherwise they cannot be transformed.

I feel so cared for on my path with her. She knows me and sees where I’m stuck. In her presence and with her guidance clarity emerges. She lovingly offers us the space to see through her eyes. Sometimes it feels as if Mother Mary were sitting in front of me. She IS. The gaze in her eyes is timeless. The all encompassing, unconditional surrender shines through her. I have never felt criticized or judged in her presence, and yet she can be very direct and uncompromising when necessary. With the “little bit” she shakes the foundations of the ego to the core without threatening them.

Some teachers have a strong presence, yet there’s a lack of practicable guidance. Gurpreet embodies both. Everything can be the way it is. There’s nothing to fix or change. Everything just needs to be seen. The mind wants to correct, solve, fix, label and get rid of the culprit. Just letting things be as they are, even patterns I’ve always wanted to get rid of, has been a real challenge for me. “Start feeling comfortable in them,” she says, “start liking it”. “Choose to be in the discomfort.” Seeing our created person in kindness and gentleness, without judgment or wanting to change anything, works in wondrous and unexpected ways.

After decades of wanting to feel good and be happy, of choosing the highs and the bliss, this is definitely different. Through kind and gentle seeing an even deeper seeing emerges. New eyes open up within.

In times of despair she has shown me how I am engulfed by the huge mental structures I created. They then seem bigger than me, making me so poor. In this projection it can seem that the outside world is to blame for my misery. With her clarity she has been able to pop my bubble over and over again. The reality that is left over is so unbelievably simple that we usually miss it.    An increased clarity emerges through deeper seeing. In it we become more independent and start taking responsibility for ourselves. I am indefinitely grateful to have Gurpreet in my life.

Loretta Locke

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