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Welcome to Awakening With Gurpreet

Be in Presence with this Self Realized Teacher

"The mind wants something. It wants peace, freedom, happiness and good feelings. The Reality is not about that. Awakening is not about that. It is about the Truth, it is about being real. The Truth does not have any form. Where the feelings come from has form because it is two things rubbing together. Even feeling freedom, or feeling happy, some form is there. The Truth does not carry any form. In the beginning the person is learning to be honest, still falling yes, but learning little by little and that honesty becomes the truth - nothing!"  Gurpreet

Gurpreet is an Awakened Teacher who gently guides us to the Truth within as we see the false ideas and beliefs of the ego. She has walked through the illusion of fear and separation and is now offering her direct, compassionate guidance to all that are longing to awaken. Gurpreet's loving kindness, selfless patience, and deep clarity, invites in each of us, the willingness to diminish in all that is not real, as we discover the True Reality, beyond doubt, form and the familiar self.

Attend Satsang

Satsang: sat = true, sanga = company

In Indian philosophy means to be in the company of the "Highest Truth," with an assembly of persons who listen to, talk about and assimilate the Truth.

Gurpreet is following where she is called, teaching and blessing many with her Loving Presence. Being in Gurpreet's Presence, simply listening, or asking questions, is an extraordinary opportunity to see yourself and others in the Light of Truth.

During Satsang attendees may be invited to sit in connection with Gurpreet. Sitting in connection, you will receive personalized guidance based on your own open Willingness. Be personally guided to see the unreality of your own creations. Layer by layer see the thoughts, ideas and beliefs that are blocking the Awareness of who you Truly are.

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